Mindful Monday - The Oxymoron of Artificial Intelligence

Mindful Monday - The Oxymoron of Artificial Intelligence

Oxymoron: A self-contradicting word or group of words.

Artificial: Made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally.

Intelligence: The ability to acquire and apply knowledge.

Ignorance: A lack of knowledge or understanding.

Knowledge: Facts or information acquired through empirical knowledge (experience) or formal education. Theoretical or practical understanding of a subject.


For decades, dystopian writers have written about the coming of an age where technology would become so intelligent that human beings would become enslaved by AI. By most indicators, that time is no longer fast approaching, it has arrived, and so has the inability to escape it, as AI influences most, if not all, aspects of life.


It is easily overlooked that most information one encounters each day (news, internet, social media) is Human-Made information, unproven, uncensored. Information for the most part has become misinformation. Selfishly, maliciously and deliberately, misinformation is so finely entangled with information, the recipient must now determine what is plausible, probable, possible, or proven.


Plausible: Seeming reasonable.

Probable: Likely to be the case.

Possible: Able to be done.

Proven: Demonstrated by evidence.


In the dissemination of both intelligence and ignorance, plausibility, probability, possibility, and proof determine veracity. Frighteningly, plausibility, probability, possibility, and unsubstantiated proof have been weaponized to conceal the truth.


The Character of AI

Remember, It Is Artificial – “Made by humans.” – Merriam Webster Dictionary. Artificial Intelligence is Human Intelligence, flawed and easily manipulated through finely woven misinformation resulting in disaster.

Unintelligence – “The inability to acquire and apply intelligence.” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary. AI is unable to subjectively experience emotions and have feelings. Without these, empirical knowledge and true intelligence is not possible.

Human Dependency – All calculations upon which AI’s computations are made, the algorithm, and the construct of words, is human-designed.

“To err is human; to forgive, divine." - Alexander Pope

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